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Od HumphreyTyler
But for the first two hours balenciaga mens sneakers of the development of the fragrance, the blend of which I believe is from rose, fig, citrus and some spices, makes me think of an over ripened melon on the verge of decaying. This luscious sweetness, while not necessarily being repellant, is uncommon for me in a fragrance. Later on, this sweetness smoothens more and more, and keeps away from the previous melon association for me. I then can get rose and fig more easily. But the woody notes are never prominent, maybe a smidgen of vetiver and amber, just to keep the base. The sillage is moderate and the longevity is around 10 hours. I have to admit that I prefer Florabotanica for its cool, green aura. But at the same time, Rosabotanica, being warmer, might appeal to those who find Florabotanica too cold.

However, I strongly suggest sampling before buying, no matter how attractive the bottle can be. ÿþMid-October 2014 Balenciaga will launch a new fragrance signed by perfumer of IFF, Domitille Bertier. B. BALENCIAGA was created carefully with reference to "every element required in the process of evaluation of what had been done and what had never been done before, " says Alexander Wang, creative director of the brand Balenciaga, that with new fragrance wants to make a new breakthrough of the house and to balenciaga speed runners transfer the DNA of the brand with the composition, design of the bottle and style. The composition of the fragrance B. Balenciaga was announced as green and tart, very strong, with subnotes of subtle woodsy shades. The top notes are composed of lily of the valley, violet leaves and green accords of edamame peas.

As I've said in my other review, it will disappear only to return from time to time and that sensation balenciaga runner holds true for DAYS, which is very remarkable, considering that I've showered twice a day over the last week. The same goes for sillage. This will only reveal itself when it feels like it, so not everyone will smell it. But the people who are granted a whiff of this as I pass by... I can only imagine what it feels like for them. It's strange, sometimes it can be very weak, hardly there; then suddenly it will give off this short BLAST of all its beauty, only to quickly disappear again. This isn't a perfume, it's an experience. And a wonderful one at that. I think I may finally have found my elusive, otherworldly dream translated into scent.

This smells amazing on my skin, I've tested in a local perfume store and was instantly seduced. All evening I kept smelling my arm. Although I have around 50 perfumes balenciaga race runner and try to downsize, this is a must-buy, before it's discontinued, like Balenciaga L'Essence. I was sorry to see our local Sephora no longer stocking this (or anything by Balenciaga), but interested to see their database liken it to Atelier's Camelia Intrepide... The opening of the latter is very similar but the drydown isa bit less green, with a touch of smoky plushness suggesting a gentle leather. It's great as a cool weather alternative to Balenciaga B., albeit a more costly one. I go back and forth on Balenciaga B. I love the violet and sweet pea, and I even like the noticeable cedar (which is a hit or miss note for me), but I think I like the first hour or so the most.

I almost splurged and bought the Byredo by Byredo until I saw the comments saying this is an exact dupe. Byredo can get a little too sweet at times. I wouldn't say B. Balenciaga is an exact dupe but a more subdued version, still sweet yet sophisticated. This works for me and I really, really like it. B. by Balenciaga is a super fresh green floral. To be completely honest I didn't expect this fragrance to be quite so green. I know of a bride that wore this on her wedding day, so up until this moment I had assumed it to be a light and airy lily of the valley scent. B. by Balenciaga has very strong sillage, especially on my skin. I would more likely than not wear this fragrance during Spring, but I would also be careful not to over-apply.

It smells like pure fresh woods, mixed with some natural foody ingredients and a touch of creaminess(maybe musk?) and although it sounds strange I do smell green peas and it smells great in this composition. It reminds me somehow of She Wood, but She Wood is more floral and feminine, while this one is mostly unisex. Also reminds me of daisy series (maybe because of violet leaf), but it's much better and more original than that. I think it balenciaga arena low best fits rainy days, because of the fresh woody smell, but I won't mind wearing it at any time of the year. Sillage is very mild and I don't see it as a negative point, because sometimes strong perfumes make me sick, but this one definitely doesn't go on nerves. The bottle looks great here in the pic, but in reality, it could have been better. My main problem is the cap that is supposed to be like B alphabet, but looks like a strange piece of cubism art on Obrázok the bottle! Else everything is ok in this fragrance.



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