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Od Winston Lamb
Joerg deployed his fila 95 grant hill own dinghy and beached some more items. Phil and the Stauffers moved into the buildings while Joerg pitched his tent near the Boathouse to be close to the prancing boat. At dusk, it finally was possible to board the Lightkeeper over the transom platform, make a thorough anchor test and beach some more stuff. The new DNR-made bunk bed in the lean-to. Bruce climbing the Skeleton Tower.Monday morning Bruce gave a tour of the pending projects on the Skeleton Tower. The Rollins swiftly broke camp, and their gear was moved to the dock. The lake at the anchorage was much calmer now, so the bulkier cargo items, including a pretty heavy table top donated by David Nobles, could be safely transferred to the beach.

Thorough washing of the kitchen cabinets revealed that the kitchen cabinets fila 90s shoes are actually shining white under their long accumulation of dust.Cathy also planted a small flower garden on each side of the 1867 lighthouse entry. And she made her famous “over the fire” grilled chicken, which was quite a nice break from backpacking food. Karen, meanwhile, fila vulc 13 continued with window painting, painted the Assistant Keeper’s front door, and painted the “FILA” island Welcome sign. She also prepared both the Oil House and Boat House for expected inbound materials on the National Park Service Boat. Cathy planting flowers in front of the 1867 Lighthouse.

John and Karen in the Nickerson Fire Circle. Cathy captured the evening sun in frontof the Assistant Keepers' Quarters. On May 31st, the NPS boat delivered a literal tsunami of materials, including the outhouse, additional tongue and groove lumber, 2 by 10 by 16’ boards slated all white fila shoes for replacing the tower light landing, interior doors for the “lean-to”, saws, stops & hardware for the restored assistant keepers windows, bunk beds, table, caulk, extension cords, trim lumber, gas, additional brooms and dust pans, stakes for marking the east trail, a roller stand for use with the saws and the emergency food bucket.

The return trip was uneventful and a light rain began as we were putting the cockpit cover on the boat back in Northport.This year’s summit was again held at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon, MI. There were 72 attendees representing various DNR functions and 26 Friends groups from around Michigan . Many are similar to us in having 6 to 10 core volunteers who lead most of the work effort, with a broader roster of members who contribute financially and enjoy being informed of their group’s work through newsletters or other communications but otherwise have limited “hands-on” involvement.

Briefly after leaving Northport Marina: good thing we had the old workhorse to carry this crazy load! In addition all white filas shoes to that payload, the three of us packed in gear and supplies for a three day stay. The crossing was a bit rough resulting from the remanent southerly swell and a freshening westerly. We arrived in early afternoon and anchored off the Boat House. Our first challenge was to get the ladder offloaded. Clearly it was too big and heavy for the dingy.Cathy Allchin, Don Stauffer, John Wells, Pamela Nickerson, Jeff Broderick, Sandy Bradshaw and H. Joerg Rothenberger, kindly assisted by Rachel Gaulthier of the State Park, manned the stations Obrázok that provided guests with pancakes, sausages, berries and various beverages.



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